Parts of a Term Paper

A term paper is a kind of writing, where you should present your knowledge of the materials learnt at your classes during the term. A good term paper is based on relevant information, perfect organization and new findings within the research area.
A term paper, like any other kind of a written term paper, consists of several main parts. Main parts of a term paper are: Introduction, Data Presentation, Analysis and Conclusion. So, let us consider each of the term paper parts.

  • Parts of a Term Paper: Introduction. This part of a term paper presents the importance of your topic investigation, the purposes you pursue, the methods you intend to use for conducting your research, and your expectations from research;
  • Parts of a Term Paper: Data Presentation. This part of a term paper is included into the Main Body and aims to support your research question or statement with reasonable evidences and statistical data. This part of a term paper can be done in a form of visuals as well as be presented as a straight text;
  • Parts of a Term Paper: Analysis. This is the most important part of a term paper. On the basis of the data resulted from your analysis, you will be able to make a corresponding conclusion;

  • Parts of a Term Paper: Conclusion. This part of a term paper summarizes the results obtained during your research. Here you should inform the reader on what you have discovered and what the value of your finding is. This part of a term paper should also tell about the difficulties you had while researching and how you passed them through. Provide your recommendations to those who will decide to continue your topic investigation.

You should be aware of the main parts of a term paper in order to structure your paper perfectly. So, take advantage of the information presented above to structure your term paper well.

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