Essentials of Writing Research Papers on Cryptography

papers on cryptographyWe have to warn you that research papers on cryptography will give you hard times. Cryptography is not an easy science, and you have to know a lot to complete this assignment successfully.
Still, some basic instructions and recommendations on writing research papers on cryptography can help you. Below, you will find frequently asked questions and answers that can help your prepare this paper.
What should you know to write a research paper on cryptography?
The science of cryptography is mostly theoretical. Definitely, all theories are designed to be put into practice one day. However, you have to know them perfectly. What particular theories should you know to write a research paper on cryptography?
Complexity theory and number theory are absolutely necessary for completing your project.
What other background knowledge is essential for writing research papers on cryptography?
This is a small list of background information that allows completing research papers on cryptography:

  • Basic methods of encryption;
  • Different kinds of ciphers (block ciphers, stream ciphers);
  • Advantages and disadvantages of various methods of encryption.

What should research papers on cryptography be focused on?
The central point of your research paper on cryptography should be the current application of this science. Today information is of great value. So, the cutting-edge ways of protecting information should be discussed in research papers on cryptography.
Still, you also need to pay attention to the history of cryptography. This will let you understand and explain better the development and necessity of this science in the modern world.
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