Examples of Argumentative Research Papers

argumentative research paperFrom your personal experience, you probably know that it is much easier to learn something from examples. This time, you are assigned to write an argumentative research paper. You sit down, surround yourself with a pile of books, but… do not know what to start with. Perhaps, you need to start with analyzing a couple of argumentative research paper samples.
Below, you will find several useful tips for using examples of argumentative research papers.

  1. Examine how a thesis statement is introduced in the examples of an argumentative research paper
  2. We suppose that one of the reasons for your “writer’s block” is that you do not know how to formulate and introduce a thesis statement. Look through several samples of argumentative research papers to see how a thesis statement should be presented.

  3. Find out how many arguments are used to support a thesis statement
  4. An argumentative research paper requires a deep analysis. Still, you should provide arguments to support your opinion, and one argument will not be enough to do it well. Investigate how many arguments are used in an argumentative research paper sample to prove the author’s assumption is true.

  5. Study how arguments are presented in different samples of argumentative research papers


  • What manner of writing does this or that author use to explain his/her argument?
  • What helps him/her sound persuasively?
  • What evidences are given in the examples of an argumentative research paper?
  • Are any figures used to present arguments in argumentative research paper examples?

After you analyze several examples of an argumentative research paper, you will be ready to start writing your own paper.
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