Finance Term Paper Writing Tips: Factors to Consider in Writing
September 18th, 2012

Finance term papers are written to discuss financial issues describing economic status of a country or an institution. These issues can be monetary policies and principles in the organization, the institution’s expenses, taxes or earnings and economic capacity of the country or the institution. To write a finance term paper, the writer should come up with the area of study and collect enough information on the specific area. Hence, the present article will be of much help for those wishing to complete superb term papers about finance, and who are planning nothing less than an A grade for them.

Top 5 Tips for Writing Term Papers in Finance

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Bullet Points: When They Are Needed and How to Write Them
March 29th, 2012

bullet-pointsBullet points can be a great tool that helps students summarize their arguments or attract readers’ attention to a specific idea. However, some people don’t know when and how to use them. This article will explain why bullet points are needed and how to write them.
These tips can be of great help to people who work on their reports, research papers, proposals, dissertations, presentations and many other assignments that may involve bullet points.

Bullet Points: Their Importance

Overall, bullet points are required when a student wants to give an overview of a series of important ideas. They can enable you to avoid repetitions and make your paper or presentation much more concise and clear. For instance, you can use bullet points to summarize the consequences of a certain phenomenon or make a series recommendations. Remember that a bullet point list has to contain at least three ideas; otherwise you need to write full sentences.

Bullet Points: Tips and Rules of Thumb

When using bullet points, you should remember some basic rules and principles that will allow you avoid many mistakes:

  1. Explain why the content of these bullet points might be of interest to your audience; otherwise it is quite possible that readers will skip this part of the paper or presentation.
  2. Make sure that every bullet point expresses a clear idea or argument.
  3. Avoid cognitive overload in your bullet points. Sometimes students insert too many dates or numbers in bullet points and as a result, listeners and readers cannot retain them.
  4. Try to start each of your bullet points with the same part of speech. For example, if the first bullet point starts with a verb, each of the following points should also start with a verb.
  5. Write a brief, concluding sentence, which gives a gist of the whole bullet point list. Again, your task is to make sure that your audience understands your ideas.

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Sociology Paper Topics: Develop a Creative Approach to Writing!
February 23rd, 2012

sociology-paper-topicsSociology Paper Topics: Impeccable Topic Checking System.
Choosing a sociology paper topic is quite hard. When assigned with this task, most students ask, “How do I create topics for sociology paper?” However, with tips and reasonable advice from experts in writing, you’ll be able to get wonderful ideas on paper topics!
Sociology Paper Topics: Differentiating Between Kinds of Papers.
When dealing with topics for a sociology paper, remember that different essays and papers mean different approaches. Keep your eye on the paper you deal with and its specifics!
Sociology Paper Topics: Assistance with Essay Paper Writing.
Writing essay papers? Let’s see what kind of essay topics you can come across – and which ones are the winners.

  1. Domestic Violence and Means to Fight It;
  2. Social Inequality and Measures to Undertake;
  3. Feminism: Changes over the Past Decade;
  4. Euthanasia: a Matter of Life and Death.

Much like a dissertation topic an essay title can be pretty broad, allowing a large choice of approaches to the issue

Sociology Paper Topics: Introducing Original Term Paper Ideas.

When working on your term paper topic, you can dig a bit deeper. In this case, your key concern is to introduce an unusual vision of the problem. Take a look at these ideas:

  • Flag Burning: the Reasons and the Reasoning;
  • Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized?
  • Gun Ownership: from Protection to Overprotection;
  • Human Cloning: Experiments Going Too Far;
  • Efficiency of School Testing: from A to… F.

Pick topics of the kind above – and you will definitely succeed in your paper writing!
Sociology Paper Topics: Discussing Research Writing Specifics.
Remember that research involves certain discoveries – or, at least, new ideas and unusual solutions. Try to express your original approach in the title:

  • Marriage Conflicts and Solutions: Apart from Divorcing…
  • Prevent Child Violence: Something You Can Do;
  • Child Labor: What Must not Be Happening;
  • Poverty vs. Indifference, Third World vs. G7.

See? That’s pretty simple – and yet so efficient!
Sociology Paper Topics: Tremendous, All-Embracing Thesis Topic.
As your paper gets tougher, the research topics narrow down to a certain problem or issue. As for the thesis, check these topical ideas:

  1. Arranged Marriage: an Acceptable Norm or Rudiment of the Past?
  2. Killing out of Mercy: Euthanasia;
  3. When Death Penalty Is a Narrow Escape;
  4. Drug Public Service Announcements and Their Efficiency;
  5. Capitalism versus Socialism: the Battle of the Century.

All in all, the whole thing is pretty easy. However, what about dissertations?
Sociology Paper Topics: Dissertations on Problems of Humankind.
In dissertations, you’ll have to touch upon quite controversial issues. For instance, you might create such topics of research as…

  • Terrorism, Bombs and Other Misconceptions about Muslim Religion;
  • Mass Media: Is Big Brother Watching You?
  • Legalized Prostitution Versus Social Morals;
  • The Power of Norms in the Modern Society;
  • Abortion as a Murder and as a Women’s Right.

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Dream House Essay: Get Inspired and Use Your Imagination
October 6th, 2011

What can be more amazing than writing about own dreams? You will definitely enjoy working on this assignment: dreaming about own house is so great. In turn, we have prepared some hints on your successful dream house essay writing.
Dream House Essay: Writing Tips
A dream house essay is a descriptive essay; thus, you can apply all peculiarities of writing descriptive essays when working on your dream house essay:

  1. The more details you provide in your paper, the more a reader will enjoy it
  2. When talking about things you would have in your house, describe different aspects: shape, color, texture, flavor, style, size etc.
  3. Add your emotions. Do not just describe things, but also try to show what you feel about them.

For example, compare these to excerpts from dream house essays:

  1. The walls of my dream bedroom are covered with light blue wallpapers, because I like this color.
  2. I dream about a cozy room with light green walls. This fresh color helps my eyes to relax, and I feel appeased and happy when looking at it.

Both dream house essay excerpts are devoted to a similar issue. However, the second one provides a reader with details and helps to feel the same what a writer feels, which is very valuable in writing a dream house essay.
Dream House Essay: Getting Inspired
Well, but what if you still hesitate how your dream house looks like, or cannot imagine details about it? There are some ways to get inspired before your dream house essay writing:

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Dental Hygiene Essay: Choose the Best Topic for Your Paper
July 28th, 2011

Dental school students study a lot of useful aspects of dentistry to become professional dentists. Thus, many of them write dental hygiene essays.
Do you need to write one? Then you will need an interesting topic for your paper. Fortunately, there are many exciting topics.

  1. History in your dental hygiene essay. It can be very interesting to consider dentistry from the historical perspective in your dental hygiene essay. Depict what was the dental hygiene in ancient or medieval times. What plants were used? Is it possible to use those methods in modern life? What diseases caused the lack of hygiene in those times? When did the health care system start paying attention to this powerful prevention measure?
  2. Contemporary dentistry in your dental hygiene essay. It is also possible to consider modern ways of hygiene. In your dental hygiene essay you may define the generally accepted perception of hygiene importance. You can also suggest some new ways of dental hygiene. Research whether adult and child dental hygiene can be the same. In your dental hygiene essay you may consider the correlation between education and dental hygiene. What about dental industry and business? Are there enough tools for maintaining dental health?

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DDT Essays: List of Matters You Focus on in Your Essay
July 13th, 2011

Use of DDT is a very controversial topic which is actively discussed. On the one hand, this insecticide is very effective; on the other hand, the “cost” of its usage turns out to be very high. In this article, we offer ideas which students can use in DDT essays and give some hints on writing.
DDT Essays: What to Write about
Probably, your assignment will hardly imply that you describe the compounds of DDT or provide an instruction on its use. In your DDT essay, you will have to focus on the effects which usage of DDT causes. Thus, DDT essays are aimed at answering the following question: should DDT be banned?
To give the answer, you will have to touch upon the following issues:

  • DDT effects on soil and water
  • DDT effects on animals
  • DDT effects on a human health

Besides, DDT essay are supposed to answer the following questions:

  1. Is there any alternative to DDT?
  2. Should DDT be banned all over the World or locally? (if you state that DDT should be banned)
  3. What negative effects does DDT ban cause?
  4. Are there any ways to neutralize or weaken DDT negative effects? (if you state that DDT should not be banned) etc

DDT Essays: How to Structure
To structure your DDT essay, follow this scheme:

  • Introduction: explain the problem and provide your thesis statement.
  • Body: provide the arguments to persuade a reader in your opinion.
  • Conclusion: restate the thesis statement and end your DDT essay persuasively.

DDT Essays: Hints on Writing

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Critical Thinking Essays or an Essay about Myself Made Easy
June 22nd, 2011

Essay writing is the most frequent writing exercise for students during their academic life. This is so because essay writing assists in developing writing, cognitive and critical thinking skills.
Critical thinking essays or an essay about myself contributes to the development of all these desired skills. Quite often students find critical thinking essays difficult to write.
Critical thinking essays or an essay about myself made easy for students
These tips on an essay about myself will make it easier for students to write it.

  • The first important aspect about critical thinking essays is that the search for information is limited. The search for information is limited to information of the required referencing style and on how to reflect on oneself. The search for information is limited, because the information all lies in the self and reflection on oneself provides the information for the easy.
  • This may sound easy, but requires time and effort or the critical thinking essays will be off target.
  • Analysis of the self for critical thinking essays requires looking at oneself from all perspectives that includes the good aspects as well as the bad aspects. It also needs to be specific as to why they are considered good or bad.
  • Analysis of how the good and bad are influencing one’s life is also essential in a critical thinking essays

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Canadian History Essays: Interesting Facts about Canadian People
June 17th, 2011

One cannot deny the fact that there are a lot of things that can be said about Canada. Throughout the century, this country managed to influence cultural, political, and social panorama of the world. Therefore, a Canadian history essay can cove a plethora of events that happened to this country. What is more important is that Canadian history essays allow students to express their personal outlooks on those historic events and put forward interesting and shocking hypotheses.
Quotes that are worth attention while writing Canadian history essays:

  1. Canadian history essays: As Marshall McLuhan states, “Canadians are the people who learned to live without the bold accents of the natural ego-trippers of other lands”.
    Pursuant to this phrase, your Canadian history essay can be devoted to cultural and social aspects of Canadian life. Hence, it is possible to mention the main attractions of the countries as well as the most original traditions that are still held.
  2. Canadian history essays: According to Peter Jennings, “Canadians have an abiding interest in surprising those Americans who have historically made little effort learn about their neighbor to the North”.
    It is impossible to deny the fact that the Canadian people have always undergone pressure on the part of the United States. Therefore, your Canadian history essays can also touch on this problem, in political, social, and economical terms.

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Career Topics: More Ideas and Tips on What to Write About
June 13th, 2011

Students are always asked what they want to do after school or college. They are often asked to write many essays on career topics. Sometimes students write several essays of the kind and when the graduation year comes they simple have no ideas for career topics.
However, this is not a problem since there are so many different occupations or other stuff to consider in a career essay. You may feel like be creative and, maybe, use a bit of humor.

  1. Historic retrospective for career topics. You may implement a little research on what careers existed in different countries in past. Do find some curious or even funny jobs. Compare and research whether there are still such occupations or they changed into modern ones. It could be an interesting career topic to consider the history of cupbearer.
  2. Statistics in career topics. You may research what occupations are popular at the moment, which are well-paid, and which are almost not paid at all. You may also try to find out which occupations will be in demand in several years, for example when you and your fellows graduate from colleges. This career topic research will be useful when you are going to decide what to study in college.

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Cause and Effect Essay and Its Reflection on Many Activities
June 3rd, 2011

Cause and effect essay concerns many individuals’ school works and papers written on it. Generally a person has to be very careful to avoid fragments in his/her school compositions concerned with cause and effect essay. Cause and effect essay allows many high school students to think clearly without making any mistakes.
It means that the number of cause and effect essays affect the individuals’ ability to write them immensely. This ability helps the individuals in writing cause and effect essays on a college level without facing too much difficulty. The following points to writing cause and effect essay are the most essential ones according to many high school teachers and college instructors:

  • Cause and effect essay theory is not only used in linguistics and philology in writing essays. According to certain individuals cause and effect essay is borrowed from the criminal justice course where the motive and apprehension of the criminal is involved. It means that the whole psychological aspect of cause and effect essay is not as simple as many individuals consider it to be. This is why cause and effect essay and its theory is used widely in many areas of knowledge and practice.
  • Cause and effect essay is widely used in psychology. Many scientists try to understand and analyze many individuals’ behavior and causes for certain actions. Cause and effect essay helps these individuals because it technically analyzes the actions of these people and speaks about it use and vitality.

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