Three Essential Elements of MLA Format Term Paper

MLA format term paper is written on the basis of certain guidelines that can be found in the textbook on the writing styles, or here in this article.
The most complicated part of MLA format term paper is probably the organization of the first and the last page of this assignment.
First page of MLA format term papers
Unlike APA format term paper, MLA format term paper should not contain a separate first page. Instead, at the upper left section of the page you are supposed to write your name, the name of your examiner, class title and date. On the other hand, at the upper right part of the page you should place your last name and the page number.
The title of MLA format term paper follows right after the date – it should be 12 point size Times New Roman and centered (not underlined or bolded!).
Organizing quotations and in-text citations in MLA format term papers
This is necessary to use in-text citations after you quote or paraphrase, or even summarize. In order to do that, you should state the last name of the book’s author and page number in parentheses. Do not separate the last name and page number with comma.
Works cited page of the MLA format term papers
This element of MLA format term paper is a compulsory one, which necessarily includes the page header at the upper right part of the sheet. Then the centered title “Works cited” follows. The sources that have been used in your research should be listed in the alphabetical order right after the title.
MLA Format term paper is not the worst assignment in the world, so relax and just do it!

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