How to Make a Research Paper Introduction

research paper introductionA research paper introduction is a very important part of your project. It can arouse the reader’s interest, it introduces your topic, and calls “So What?” factor. The reader’s first impression of your writing is developed after he/she reads your research paper introduction.
A lot of students prefer focusing on the main body rather than on their research paper introduction. Thus, they make a big mistake. A research paper introduction is the starting point that will help you concentrate and get involved into the work.
What components should a research paper introduction comprise?

  • The purposes of research;
  • Expectations from an investigation;
  • A research question;
  • A thesis statement.

However, you should not start your research paper introduction with these very components. A good introduction does not have to begin with a general statement. So, what are the ways of writing a research paper introduction? Let us present them to you:

  1. Start with a quotation
  2. The key point is that you have to explain its relevance to the chosen topic.

  3. Start with a question
  4. It will help you attract the reader’s attention from the very first sentence.

  5. Start with a presentation of the opinion opposite to the one you are going to take.
  6. Start with a short narrative of a funny story or an anecdote.
  7. If you decide to tell it, you will also have to explain its relevance to your topic.

  8. Start the research paper introduction with an interesting fact.
  9. Start with an explanation of the terms relevant to your research paper topic.
  10. Start your research paper introduction with irony or paradox.

In addition, do not put off writing your research paper if you do not want to spend sleepless nights creating a new project from nothing.
If you need more information on writing an introduction, you can read about a dissertation introduction on our blog. Here you can also find useful info on education research paper writing.

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