An Essay on My Favourite Subject: Writing an Effective One

essays on My Favourite SubjectBefore we give you some tips for writing an essay on My Favourite Subject, let us remind you the difference between “favorite” and “favourite”. Actually, there is no difference. Two words mean the same, but “favourite” is used in British English.
Anyway, it does not really matter whether you will be writing an essay on My Favorite Subject or an essay on My Favourite Subject. You are going to write about a discipline that you like most of all, and we want to help you create an outstanding paper.
What makes brilliant essays on My Favourite Subject?
Follow some simple rules presented below to make your My Favourite Subject essay stand out.

  • Like any other paper, your essay should have a strong thesis statement and a “hook” in the introductory paragraph.
  • As you can guess, a structure like “I love Math because…” will not work if you want to write an excellent essay on My Favourite Subject. Think how to explain in an informative and a captivating way why you love Math. Tell what particularly excites you about this subject, what important skills it helps to gain.
  • In your essay on My Favourite Subject, you can also say a few words about your plans associated with this subject. Do you want to take a specific program in college? Do you want to teach this subject?

What if you do not have a favourite subject?
Even if this is about you, hardly will you escape writing My Favourite Subject essays. “What will I write about?” you may wonder. Well, you will have to explain the reasons for not having a favorite subject.
Are English or Psychology your favorite subjects? We can explain how to make a perfect English term paper or Psychology term paper.

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