Research Papers on Advertising: Mind-Blowing Ideas for You

papers on advertisingMaybe, some of you will stop watching TV ads after writing research papers on advertising. The thing is that you have a unique chance to learn some tricks used in advertising and even find out some shocking facts.
Well, anyway, the choice of a topic for your research paper on advertising is up to you. We want to give a couple of pointers for those who still cannot decide on a good idea for their research papers on advertising.
Advertising at the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th century
How did the first advertisements look like? What themes were discussed? What were the first advertising companies? You can investigate these issues in your research paper on advertising.
Advertising in the 1950s-1960s
What changed in advertising at those times, when more and more people had TVs at home? An answer to this question will be the focus of your research paper on advertising. If you choose to discuss this period in your research paper on advertising, stereotypes used in advertisements can also be one of the central ideas.
Subliminal advertising
It is an extremely interesting issue to consider in research papers on advertising. You have a chance to investigate how different companies use our subconsciousness for promoting their goods and services. Give particular examples of ads like that in your research paper on advertising.
Can advertising make people unhappy?
It was discovered that advertisements could affect the feeling of happiness in people. The point is that very often we see things that we cannot afford to buy, which makes us feel unhappy and depressed. Tell about other negative effects of TV commercials in your research paper on advertising.
If you like this topic, continue your investigation when working on a Marketing research paper or Psychology research paper.

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