Research Papers on Child Abuse: How to Solve the Problem

child abuse research paperHow to solve the problem of child abuse? This is the main question you should try to answer in your child abuse research paper.
Many people do not even realize that this problem is really acute today. Studies show that in 2009, during the economic recession, the number of child abuse cases in the United States has increased.
In this article, we will explain how to make a strong research paper on child abuse, what to include and discuss.
How to make strong and persuasive research papers on child abuse
The main features of a strong paper are evidences, supporting facts, statistics, and your research paper on child abuse is not an exception.
Thus, use credible sources, results of some surveys and studies to get necessary statistics for your research paper on child abuse. These are a few numbers to be included into child abuse research papers:

  • Kids of single parents have 77% risk to be physically abused;
  • 65% of children are abused by women, while only 54% by men;
  • 25% of sexual abuse is committed by birth parents.

Points to consider in research papers on child abuse
The following issues may be discussed in your research paper on child abuse.

  • Causes of the problem. It is a good way to start your research paper on child abuse. Surveys show that taking alcohol and some drugs like cocaine and heroin usually causes child abuse.
  • Types of child abuse. You can add a few words into your child abuse research paper about neglect, physical, and psychological abuse.
  • Effects. This is the most important issue to talk about in papers on child abuse. Child abuse leads to terrible consequences, and one of them is that abused kids are more likely to grow up into abusers as well.

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