Research Papers on Eating Disorders: How to Make Your Paper Better

research paper on eating disordersEating disorders are not a new problem in the modern society as well as it is not a new topic for discussion in research papers. Most probably, your teacher has already read a lot of research papers on eating disorders, and this time he/she expects to get another portion of papers devoted to bulimia, anorexia, binge eating, and so on.
Obviously, your research paper on eating disorders will not include some groundbreaking discoveries or absolutely new ideas as well. However, there is no need to worry because of that too much and start squeezing your brain trying to come up with an incredible research paper on eating disorders. Teachers appreciate simple, but well-written papers that are organized according to all the rules and requirements.
This is what we want to explain you right now. Follow our free hints that will help to improve your research paper on eating disorder and make a good impression on the teacher.
Research papers on eating disorders: narrow the scope
Eating disorders is a broad topic, and your teacher is not waiting for a paper where you discuss everything, starting from the causes of eating disorders to treatment of specific eating diseases.
Take time to narrow down the scope of your work and pick a specific idea to develop in your research paper on eating disorders, e.g.:

  • Eating disorders among women in college campuses;
  • Effects of media on the increasing number of people with eating disorders.

Research papers on eating disorders: use scientific sources
Googling is not a synonym of researching. Your teacher will be happy to see a couple of scientific journals in the bibliography list of your research paper on eating disorders.
Research papers on eating disorders: use footnotes properly
Finally, teachers get very disappointed if they do not see footnotes and references or see them organized in the wrong way. Make your teacher happy with properly arranged footnotes.
Articles about a research paper on childhood obesity and nutrition research paper can be helpful.

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