Writing a Literature Review: Check Out Professional Guidelines!

writing-a-literature-reviewWriting a Literature Review: Top-Notch Expert Recommendations.
Need help with writing a literature review? You’ve come to the right place! Here are some tips that will help you create the most fantastic review ever:

  • Be concise and to the point;
  • Mention the “technical details,” i.e. the author, the title, the date, the subject, etc.;
  • Explain what the author’s objective is;
  • Comment on the main argument;
  • Dwell on the writer’s position concerning the discussed issue;
  • Enumerate the author’s main arguments;
  • Specify the people and data mentioned, if any;
  • State your idea of the writer’s main points;
  • Offer your suggestions on the problem in question;
  • Explain the way in which the book influenced your paper.

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Writing a Literature Review. Fantastic Examples of Review Types!
Are you pondering what most students are pondering? Well, if you’re about to ask, “How do I write a literature review?”, you can definitely use the help here.
Let’s see the way most literature reviews work. They’re really numerous – for example, a literature review can be subjective or objective, vast or concise. You’re most likely to face one of these:
Systematic Literature Review:
Main features

  • Issue identification;
  • Issue appraisement;
  • Elements selection;
  • Elements synthesis.

Dwelling on the issue of money and wealth in his book, Charles Richards offers a peculiar interpretation of wealth and social status. Obviously one of the most crucial topics for the XXI century, money is discussed together with public opinion, social status and the work of human mind. Relying on a wealth of observations, the author helps the reader define the importance of wealth.
This is the shortest answer to the notorious question, “What is a literature review?”
Quantitative Literature Review:
Main features

  • Showing a thorough understanding of the topic;
  • Pointing out the rationale.

The Buried Life raises one of the most famous issues in philosophy – the true meaning of life. Worth of Buddha himself, the issue in question makes people take better care of their lives. The book allowed to address a serious question with a certain amount of humor.
And here is a quite different example of a literature review:
Main features

  • Providing a short summary;
  • Offering statistical data.

In his Ameritopia, Levin shakes the three pillars that the USA stand on. Tracking the development of the state concept from Plato to de Tocqueville, the author discovers that in 60% of the cases, Utopia is bound to destroy society.
All in all, meta-analysis is a kind of a summary.

literature-reviewQualitative Literature Review:
Main features

  • Discussion of the issue;
  • Providing all-embracing criticism.

Isaacsson pays tribute to the famous Apple soft creator, Steve Jobs, in his book of the same name. Even though Jobs accuracy deserves appreciation, it is still obvious that the author idealizes the gadget genius.
Feel free to discuss the problem!
Preliminary Literature Review:
Main features

  • Forecasting the problem;
  • Developing the theoretical frame for the paper.

Chip Conley’s Emotional Equations help one understand the mechanism and nature of emotions. Obviously following the James-Lange theory, Conley offers specific interpretations, setting the course for further theoretical suggestions.
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Extensive Literature Review:
Main features

  • Incorporating theory and practice;
  • Offering an in-depth description.

Rich Howarth suggests a new fantastic way to rebuild your life. The author offers pieces of advice that are supposed to make you see your life from a different perspective. Witty and based on a profound theoretical foundation, the book is a perfect guide for changing one’s vision radically.
Whenever you need a vast review of literature, use this type!
Annotated Bibliography:
Whenever you deal with writing a literature review APA style, use this annotated bibliography sample:
Main features
Example: (APA):

  • Being short and precise;
  • Putting the analyzed text in a wider context.

Michaels, C. (2011). The four essentials of entrepreneurial thinking. New York City, NY: Barnes & Noble. Michaels splits the entrepreneurial approach into four parts and offers an extensive analysis of each. The given work allows to look at the work of an entrepreneur from a different angle.
Now this is the example of literature review writing you should remember well – it’s the most popular one!
Writing a Literature Review: Explore the Wonderful Samples Now!
Well, now you know how to write a literature review! With any sample literature review from the list above, you’ll make it your day.
Are you ready to review literature on your own? Then don’t forget about the most important piece of advice.
Make the reader as enticed with the review as you are. And remember – with these tips, you’ll always make it!

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