Article Writer: Five Quick Steps to Become a “Superwriter”

article-writerDo you have difficulties with article writing? Are you dreaming of making your writing captivating and flawless – just perfect? If you think that successful article writers who easily come up with brilliant ideas and perfectly put them in writing must have superhuman abilities, you are mistaken.
Actually, you and any student can turn into “Superwriter”, a superhero who desperately struggles with the villains – errors, inconsistencies and writer’s blocks – and always wins. Let’s check these five quick essential steps to your successful transformation into Superwriter.

Article writer finds a topic – Step 1

If you are not assigned a specific question, the first step would be the choice of a good topic. At this stage, Superwriter meets the first villain – the writer’s block. To struggle with it, just let your imagination free and look around or wander the web. Your flight of thought and associations can be rather unpredictable. What a sunny day – why not write about global warming? Cannot find your cell phone – why not write about the Bermuda Triangle? When choosing a topic, do not limit yourself! Do not let the writer’s block give thumbs down to every idea coming into your head!

Article writer brainstorms – Step 2

The second step for article writers is brainstorming. But to know what you are searching for when brainstorming, you need first to evaluate your choice of topic. So, after selecting a topic, evaluate it according to the following criteria:

  • Is it interesting?
  • Is it manageable, or should you narrow it down a bit?
  • Would you be able to make it captivating – find the necessary materials or express your personal opinion about it?

Now you know the direction for your brainstorming and you can generate as many ideas as needed. Create favorable conditions for brainstorming, avoid distractions. You may want to conduct a bit of research also if the topic is complex. Then, forget about any limits and put down all ideas coming into your head, no matter how crazy they may sound.
At this stage, the more ideas, the better. Give a chance to every idea because the silliest of them can alter your perspective and get your creativity going. After generating as many ideas as you can (do not waste too much time on it), evaluate and test the ideas to select the best of them.

Article writer makes a plan – Step 3

The third step for article writers is to make an outline. In addition, at this stage, Superwriter formulates a strong thesis statement. Though the traditional structure (introduction, main body and conclusion) can seem boring to you, it works in most cases, and Superwriter often uses it. Anyway, even if you choose some other exotic structure, you should better have a plan when writing articles.


Article writer completes an article – Step 4

The fourth step for article writers is completing an article. No matter what structure you choose, here are some tips from Superwriter to actually write the article:

  1. Include an attention getter into the opening passage (a joke, a quotation, an interesting question).
  2. Include numbered lists and bullet points. In this way, you will have fewer problems with making smooth transitions from one idea to another. Moreover, readers really like lists.
  3. Do not punish yourself! If you feel exhausted, just stop writing and return to it later.
  4. Respect you readers! Cut out all unnecessary words and make every word count. Do not turn into Captain Obvious and try to find interesting and thought-provoking issues and arguments.


Article writer proofreads – Step 5

The fifth step for article writers is proofreading. Style, grammar and punctuation mistakes are the villains that Superwriter meets at this stage. Here is a good strategy for effective proofreading:

  • Have a good rest after completing your article;
  • use spell and grammar checkers to detect misprints and the worst mistakes (do not accept blindly what is suggested, because there are cases when the software is mistaken);
  • print out your article and read it aloud;
  • read your article backwards.

So, these five quick steps can help you turn into Superwriter, the writer whose articles are always of exceptional quality. Combat your villains and enjoy excellent grades as the happy ending of this story.

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