Marketing Dissertations Need Credible Data: Tap All Resources

marketing-dissertationMarketing dissertations reflect the evolving concerns of business, and business schools. These concerns include ensuring that newly minted Marketing PhDs are themselves marketable, and that knowledge in the field is credibly increased. Your marketing dissertation should reflect your individual strengths and curiosity, but also address the needs and peculiarities of the intellectual marketplace.
We will discuss some ways to make your marketing dissertation both a ticket to future success and avoid some of the burden.
As a doctoral candidate and postulant for the brother/sisterhood of scholarship, you will be expected to add to the sum of human knowledge. Your department hopes you will publish. Your parents will hope that you get a job – soon. How can your marketing dissertation further any and all of these goals?
Data, information, observations: crucial for dissertations in marketing:
Since marketing, in its most general sense, studies how to achieve behavior change in a target population, you need data on behavior in order to say something substantial. From painful experience, be assured that collecting data in the real world takes time, effort, money (often in cash), and is subject to all of the following pitfalls/expenses:

    • researching past similar data-collection efforts
    • creating survey
    • testing
    • administering
    • Re-administering it to correct errors due to omission, evasion, confusion, or prevarication
    • Creating a database allowing for all possible entries
    • Entering data
    • Re-working the database when unforeseen elements require new fields
    • Re-entering data
    • Running statistical analyses
    • Figuring out what it all means

    Read this useful article on null results
    This is all before you begin to write your dissertation on marketing!
    It is certainly possible to find data for marketing dissertations without having to administer surveys.

    1. Firms frequently archive masses of often unused data
    2. Search engines possess masses of data
    3. Have you a former employer or family business connection that could provide data?

    By politely requesting access to data (perhaps long outdated, to avoid security concerns), you introduce yourself to a firm at which you might wish to work someday. An intelligent and sympathetic understanding and analysis of their business will impress the marketing managers at most corporations.
    Examine the data sets of published dissertations in marketing. Can you use their data, or build on it, with clear attribution?
    Consider a meta-analysis of prior studies.
    What’s the take-away message? Be sure to consider issues of data collection before settling on a topic, or approach.

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