Analytical Essay: Top Secrets of Analysis Paper Writing

If you badly need help with writing analytical essays, you have come to the right place. Clear explanations and easy-to-use tips are waiting for you only a few lines below.

Analytical essay: before starting to write

What is an analytical essay? It is an academic assignment, which requires detailed discussion and evaluation of the subject matter. Your teachers might ask you to analyze a work of art, a historical epoch, a business company etc. What they want from you however is to do more than just a simple summary and/or description of the topic: they want you to discuss it in some depth. Unless you do that, you will not get a good mark for your essay. To make sure you provide in your essay what is required, you should clearly understand the difference between summary and analysis. Yes, summary is a part of any analysis, but only a small part of it.
It is needless to say that you should carefully read the book, watch the movie and, in general, investigate the subject you are going to analyze. The next step is to understand and apply the following basic principles of effective analysis:

  1. Divide the thing or issue you analyze into parts. Analyzing means looking deep at the inner structure of something and understanding how it works. For example, if you analyze a movie, you might want to write about its plot lines, actors’ play, music, lighting, special effects and so on. Do not try to cover each and every element in a single essay. Choose only a few of them for your analytical paper.
  2. See the links. This part deals with understanding how it works. Try to explain and interpret your observations. For example, the choice of music in a movie often depends on the plot lines and the mood that the director tries to create.
  3. Synthesize. Synthesis is the opposite of analysis, and it means uniting the parts back again. When you understand why and how it works, you should express your position in a thesis statement. This will be the heart of your analysis essay, uniting all its elements into a whole. For instance, you might write that a large budget allowed the director to use high quality special effects and music to enhance the effect of a captivating plot in a movie. In this case, the large budget would be your main explanation and the uniting principle of your synthesis.

Analytical essay: when writing

Here is a basic structure that you might use for analytical writing:

  • Introduction (an opening sentence, attention getter, problem statement).
  • Main body paragraph 1 (a topic sentence, a strong argument, a stronger argument, the strongest argument and a concluding sentence).
  • Main body paragraph 2.
  • Main body paragraph 3.
  • Conclusion (a summary of your main arguments, a repetition of your thesis statement using different words).

So, you may use these free tips to improve your skills in analytical writing. Follow these classic principles of effective analysis and enjoy your excellent grades.

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