Your “Personal Autobiography”: 5 Tips to Make It Shine

Writing a “personal autobiography” is just like receiving a “free gift”. All autobiographies are personal, and all gifts are free (do not believe anybody who tells you that they are not.)
Jokes apart, let’s discuss how to make your bio truly personal and captivating, so that everyone who starts reading it simply can not stop.

What Is a “Personal Autobiography”?

An autobiography is a story that an author tells about his/her own life. Note that, unlike a biography that can be written by anyone who has some knowledge about the person whose life is described, an autobiography is always written by the main character of the story.

These are some rules to follow in your autobiographical writing:

  • use 1st person narration (use ‘I’ instead of ‘he’ or ‘she’, ‘my’ instead of ‘his’ or ‘her etc.);
  • include fragments from your life and comment on them;
  • include not only factual information, but also your views and opinions on life.


How To Make Your “Personal Autobiography” Just Perfect

The next question to ask is how to write an autobiography. Sure, you will find your individual way for writing your personal bio. However, a few general tips from our experts won’t do any harm.

These are 5 best tips you can use when writing memoirs:

Tip 1 Remember that your life is uniquely interesting.
There is a widely spread stereotype that only famous people can write interesting autobiographies, because they have interesting lives. This is not true. Do not doubt that the events of your life can be composed in a brilliant memoir if you just choose the right tone and approach for describing your daily routine.

Tip 2 Use self-irony appropriately.
Mild self-irony is one of the best possible tones for an autobiography. For example, you can discuss your habits and lifestyle, making fun of them. It does not mean you should wash dirty linen in public. What about going to bed late because of spending too much time on browsing the web? Is it your unique trait? Or is it characteristic for most of your peers?

Tip 3 Use different language means.
Using similes and metaphors can make your autobiography more interesting. For example, you can write that a person coming into your life was just like a ray of light on a winter day. Or, you can admit that education was like the missing segment of a big puzzle.

Tip 4 Include enough detail.
Make certain you give your readers enough detail. Do not hesitate to mention colors, shapes and textures, as well as your feelings about them. For instance, if you write about a song you sang at the farewell party, you can write that it still rings in your ears and gives you joy.

Tip 5 Focus on your dearest self.
Forget about all precautions and do not be afraid of making your writing a bit selfish. It is high time to speak about you in tiniest detail. Yes, you can write about other people who influenced you to a certain extent. No, you should not devote too much space to them.

Now you are ready to start your personal autobiographies. Bear in mind the simple principles and tips discussed above and make your personal memoirs truly amazing, because you simply deserve it.

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