Marketing Dissertations Need Credible Data: Tap All Resources
April 26th, 2012

marketing-dissertationMarketing dissertations reflect the evolving concerns of business, and business schools. These concerns include ensuring that newly minted Marketing PhDs are themselves marketable, and that knowledge in the field is credibly increased. Your marketing dissertation should reflect your individual strengths and curiosity, but also address the needs and peculiarities of the intellectual marketplace.
We will discuss some ways to make your marketing dissertation both a ticket to future success and avoid some of the burden.
As a doctoral candidate and postulant for the brother/sisterhood of scholarship, you will be expected to add to the sum of human knowledge. Your department hopes you will publish. Your parents will hope that you get a job – soon. How can your marketing dissertation further any and all of these goals?
Data, information, observations: crucial for dissertations in marketing:
Since marketing, in its most general sense, studies how to achieve behavior change in a target population, you need data on behavior in order to say something substantial. From painful experience, be assured that collecting data in the real world takes time, effort, money (often in cash), and is subject to all of the following pitfalls/expenses:

  • researching past similar data-collection efforts
  • creating survey
  • testing
  • administering
  • Re-administering it to correct errors due to omission, evasion, confusion, or prevarication
  • Creating a database allowing for all possible entries
  • Entering data
  • Re-working the database when unforeseen elements require new fields
  • Re-entering data
  • Running statistical analyses
  • Figuring out what it all means

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Law Dissertations: A List of Ideas for Original Research
December 21st, 2011

Getting down to law dissertations, you must consider what a dissertation is and which rules it follows. For quick notification, a law dissertation, like any other one, is a type of writing which is properly structured (the abstract or the executive summary, the introduction, the background, the literature review, the research methodology, the findings/results, the discussion section, the conclusion and the recommendations for further research, and the appendices).
Each law dissertation should contain an original research. Choose the topic for your dissertation first. Here are a number of law dissertation topics students may use while writing.
Law dissertation topic

  • Choose the sphere of criminal law and conduct a research on one of its articles. Home violence, the problem of rape identification in some cases, terrorism and other points may be the core ideas for writing in students’ law dissertations.
  • Medical ethics, medical errors, patients’ refusal to take up medicine and other issues in medical law may be considered. Patients with mental health problems may be considered. Is it the reason for concern in medical ethics?
  • Employment law may be the central point for students’ discussion in law dissertations. Why not? There are great many of cases that deal with the problem. Take one of the cases under consideration for now and try to predict the judgment.
  • Law dissertations can be devoted to family cases. Marriage settlement remains the stumbling block for most couples. Try to dwell upon it and point out the main problems it depicts.

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Doctoral Dissertation Online: Tips for Using It Effectively
September 29th, 2011

Dissertations listed in University libraries and free dissertations available with essay writing services are vital for students when carrying out research for their dissertation. When writing dissertation assignments, some students need help. It is better to refer some dissertations done by old students of their University or some free dissertations. This article gives useful tips related to doctoral dissertation online.
Doctoral dissertation online: Useful hints
When students look for doctoral dissertation online, they can consider the following information:

  1. Using online doctoral dissertation can be of great help to students when making research for their dissertation assignments.
  2. Students can search for doctoral dissertation online through database.
  3. Students must search for the required doctoral dissertation online in the libraries database, by topic, title, author, department, etc.
  4. Summaries of these dissertations can be viewed free of charge through libraries database.

Doctoral dissertation online: Points to consider
When using doctoral dissertation online, students must ensure to consider certain points:

  • The dissertation must be used only for reference.
  • These stored dissertations must be used for making effective research for present dissertations.
  • Students must go through the summary of a dissertation stored in libraries database in order to determine whether that dissertation is suitable for their dissertation topic.

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Dissertation Research Tips: How to Prepare to Your Research
September 22nd, 2011

Dissertation research is core of dissertation writing. In your dissertation, you should demonstrate skills of a researcher that you have developed during all years of your studying. Let’s discuss what steps you need to take in order to prepare for doing your dissertation research.
Dissertation Research: Hint 1
To cope with your dissertation research, you need to have certain background about the essence of research and research methods. Make sure you have an idea about the following notions:

  1. Qualitative research methods
  2. Quantitative research methods
  3. Primary research
  4. Secondary research
  5. Exploratory research
  6. Constructive research
  7. Empirical research

Dissertation Research: Hint 2
Remember that dissertation research implies choosing appropriate research methods and grounding your choice. Thus, the methods that you use are defined by a topic of your dissertation. When preparing to dissertation writing, pay attention to the following issues:

  1. Which research methods are used in your field
  2. Which research methods are used by other researchers who study a subject that you work on in your dissertation

Dissertation Research: Hint 3
Make sure a dissertation research that you plan to do is manageable for you. Think about whether:

  • You have enough knowledge and experience to do a planned dissertation research
  • You have enough resources for your dissertation research

Check whether you can collect data for your dissertation research or find necessary data collected by another researcher.
Dissertation Research and Dissertation Structure
Commonly used dissertation structure is aimed at presenting your dissertation research and its results:

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Dissertation Topic Choice: Step by Step Guide for You to Follow
September 14th, 2011

Those who faced the problem of dissertation topic choice know that it is rather difficult and time consuming task. Dissertation topic should be innovative. Students should be ready to conduct an original research on its basis.
Furthermore, it is necessary to check whether the topic is free. Students should assure themselves that there is no any similar research currently conducted. In addition, a dissertation topic should be interesting and catching. This article is created with the purpose to help students who are interested in the problem and want to create personal dissertation topic for further research.
A step by step guide for dissertation topic creation

  1. You should note the fields and spheres of science you are familiar with. It is also important to underline the problems which you would like to consider. Relate to your background knowledge.
  2. Conduct a thorough research. You should know for sure that no one conducts the same research. Leave a couple of topics for consideration.
  3. Do the literature review on each of the topics. Here you should pick up the sources you are going to use in your dissertation. It is important that each source should reflect the information stated in your dissertation topic.
  4. Now, it is high time to choose a dissertation topic using the information gathered before. It is also important to check one more time whether a dissertation topic you have chosen is unique and whether it is possible to conduct an original research on it or not.

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Dissertations for Dummies: The Standards of Academic Excellence
September 8th, 2011

As you finally approach your master degree, you probably feel a little bit nervous about completing your master dissertation. Frantically looking through dozens of ‘dissertations for dummies’ guides, you search the answers to a million of questions on content and formatting of your dissertation. Do not worry! We have assembled the key tips in our concise dissertations for dummies guide!
Dissertations for Dummies: The Basics
As you plan your dissertation, bear in mind the following points from our dissertations for dummies guide:

  • Deadlines for your dissertation should be strictly observed, thus plan your work so that you are not delayed by library closured during public holidays or computer setbacks;
  • Plan to produce between ten to twenty thousand words, basing on your school requirements;
  • As hallmarks of quality for your dissertation take organization and appropriate argumentation, insightful evaluation of relevant sources and data, and logical link of theory and results to your hypotheses.

Dissertations for Dummies: The Topic
Another point in our dissertations for dummies guide is choosing the right topic:

  • Think of a general area within your curriculum that has been of greatest interest to you;
  • Research the existing literature to outline a specific issue to research in your paper;
  • Note the issues researched insufficiently or from a different point of view than that you may suggest for your research.

Dissertations for Dummies: The Process
Our dissertations for dummies guide suggests you keep to the following pattern of work on your dissertation:

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Dissertation Examples: Facts You Need to Know about Them
September 1st, 2011

It is quite natural that once you feel lost in a bulk of unanswered questions on how to write your dissertation, you start looking for dissertation examples on the Internet. Such dissertation examples are often of use to your progress on your own research assignment. However, there are also underwater stones to keep in mind. Read on and find out how to use dissertation examples wisely and efficiently and how to avoid the risky moments!
Dissertation Examples: The Positive Aspects
The benefits of dissertation examples are numerous. Here are but a few of them:

  1. well-written dissertation examples can serve as excellent sources of vocabulary appropriate for each of the dissertation sections;
  2. you can trace dissertation examples for general principles of material organization and layout;
  3. it is possible to consult dissertation examples for good sources relevant to your topic.

Dissertation Examples: The Negative Aspects
However attractive the perspective of using dissertation examples as a basis for writing your own paper may sound, beware of the following:

  • dissertation examples are written on individual topics which may be irrelevant to your field of study;
  • dissertation examples samples are not always the best samples of academic writing;
  • copying ideas from dissertation examples may entail punishment for plagiarism;
  • formatting of dissertation examples may be outdated.

Dissertation Examples: Avoiding the Negative Aspects
In order to maximize your learning from dissertation examples and to avoid the traps those samples contain, mind the following:

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Dissertation in Education. Importance and Principles of Writing
August 25th, 2011

In general, the importance of dissertations in education process may be regarded as the key driving force of science development. Dissertations are the research projects that are aimed at improving the existing spheres of science regardless of the application sphere.
Nevertheless, the importance of dissertations in education is explained not only by scientific approaches. Students and graduates learn how to arrange researches, create the properly composed informational flow and provide the arranged argumentation.
Principles of Writing Dissertation in Education
Considering the key important factors of dissertations in education, it should be stated that in order the dissertation was really useful, some principles should be observed. The actual necessity of dissertation in education is explained by the innovations or non-standard perspectives offered, hence, the argumentation system should be arranged properly. The requirements are as follows:

  1. Argumentation should be given with the proper observation of logical structure and theoretical background provided
  2. Innovative approaches and considerations should be based on the well known concepts; one should either confirm these concepts or disclose the false logic of them
  3. Literature is one of the key aspects if considering the factors of importance of the dissertations in education. Review is aimed at revealing the actual theoretic conception that was used in the argumentation and logical reasoning of the dissertation in education

Dissertation in Education. Importance for Students and Graduates

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Dissertation Help: Some Specific Hints for Student Writing
August 17th, 2011

Living in the modern world people are unable to do something new without additional help. This help may consist in physical assistance or information hints. The main purpose of this article is to provide students with dissertation help. This information is useful for those who are assigned with writing a dissertation and do not know what they should start with. Here is some specific information students may refer to while writing.
Dissertation help: The Structure
Students should write their dissertations in accordance with some specific rules for paper structuring. The information below provides students with the information on the sections which are obligatory in the dissertation body.
Dissertation help: The introduction
This section should dwell upon the background of the research and state the hypothesis. The hypothesis should reflect the main idea of the research and should be contestable.
Dissertation help: The literature review
This part of the dissertation should provide the reader with the information on the research in the field which has already been conducted. The information may be organized either chronologically or according to the authors’ ideas.
Dissertation help: The methodology
This part should state the type of the research, either qualitative or quantitative. The main information on the methods for the conduction of the research should be mentioned.
Dissertation help: The results
Students should dwell upon the results in this section.
Dissertation help: The discussion

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Anthropology Dissertation: Possible Options to Consider
April 29th, 2011

The study of human being as a cultural phenomenon is conducted by a science known as anthropology. The thing that differs us from each other is our culture and our tradition. It is not our genetic code but rather the society that makes us the way we are. Therefore, in an anthropology dissertation you can explore the cultural diversity in our world. Read on and find some handy ideas on writing an anthropology dissertation!
Anthropology Dissertation: What to Write about
An anthropology dissertation will surely be focused on cultural norms and standards of certain societies. Culture is a complex phenomenon which involves traditions, religion, and world images of people all around the globe. Therefore, you may choose from a widest range of topics, e.g.:

  1. places of the greatest concentration of various cultures;
  2. cross-cultural issues in business;
  3. reasons for and solutions to cross-cultural conflicts;
  4. necessity for preservation or elimination of cultural diversity; etc.

Anthropology Dissertation: Where to Find Information
Anthropology studies diversity, which is a topic discussed both among the specialists and the general public. Therefore, you can find appropriate sources for your anthropology dissertation in not only in specialized literature but also in everyday life. Consider the following options:

  • articles in peer-reviewed journals on anthropology;
  • studies in anthropology published in specialized online databases;
  • newspaper and magazine articles on anthropology topics;
  • real life experience of facing cultural diversity issues; etc.

Anthropology Dissertation: How to Put It All Together
Having defined the major focus of your anthropology dissertation and found the necessary information, get down to writing your paper. Since it is necessary to arrange your ideas in an orderly way, consider the following tips for your anthropology dissertation:

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