Research Papers on Child Abuse: How to Solve the Problem
October 14th, 2009

child abuse research paperHow to solve the problem of child abuse? This is the main question you should try to answer in your child abuse research paper.
Many people do not even realize that this problem is really acute today. Studies show that in 2009, during the economic recession, the number of child abuse cases in the United States has increased.
In this article, we will explain how to make a strong research paper on child abuse, what to include and discuss.
How to make strong and persuasive research papers on child abuse
The main features of a strong paper are evidences, supporting facts, statistics, and your research paper on child abuse is not an exception.
Thus, use credible sources, results of some surveys and studies to get necessary statistics for your research paper on child abuse. These are a few numbers to be included into child abuse research papers:

  • Kids of single parents have 77% risk to be physically abused;
  • 65% of children are abused by women, while only 54% by men;
  • 25% of sexual abuse is committed by birth parents.

Points to consider in research papers on child abuse
The following issues may be discussed in your research paper on child abuse.

  • Causes of the problem. It is a good way to start your research paper on child abuse. Surveys show that taking alcohol and some drugs like cocaine and heroin usually causes child abuse.
  • Types of child abuse. You can add a few words into your child abuse research paper about neglect, physical, and psychological abuse.
  • Effects. This is the most important issue to talk about in papers on child abuse. Child abuse leads to terrible consequences, and one of them is that abused kids are more likely to grow up into abusers as well.

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Research Papers on Advertising: Mind-Blowing Ideas for You
August 25th, 2009

papers on advertisingMaybe, some of you will stop watching TV ads after writing research papers on advertising. The thing is that you have a unique chance to learn some tricks used in advertising and even find out some shocking facts.
Well, anyway, the choice of a topic for your research paper on advertising is up to you. We want to give a couple of pointers for those who still cannot decide on a good idea for their research papers on advertising.
Advertising at the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th century
How did the first advertisements look like? What themes were discussed? What were the first advertising companies? You can investigate these issues in your research paper on advertising.
Advertising in the 1950s-1960s
What changed in advertising at those times, when more and more people had TVs at home? An answer to this question will be the focus of your research paper on advertising. If you choose to discuss this period in your research paper on advertising, stereotypes used in advertisements can also be one of the central ideas.
Subliminal advertising
It is an extremely interesting issue to consider in research papers on advertising. You have a chance to investigate how different companies use our subconsciousness for promoting their goods and services. Give particular examples of ads like that in your research paper on advertising.
Can advertising make people unhappy?

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Research Papers on Dreams: Reality vs. Illusion
July 13th, 2009

research paper on dreamsDreams… What are they all about? Are they just meaningless pictures that people see at night? Or, perhaps, they are a kind of messages that people receive. Or, dreaming is just a natural process that can be explained from a psychological point of view clearly and precisely.
You will have to answer these questions when writing your research paper on dreams. Since dreams are a broad issue, you might be a bit puzzled right now and have no idea what exactly you should write about in your research paper on dreams.
Our writers are glad to help you and offer several ideas to develop in research papers on dreams.
Research papers on dreams: idea #1
If you do not believe in dreams, your paper can be done from a pure biological perspective. Investigate neurological and chemical processes that cause dreams.
Research papers on dreams: idea # 2
A psychoanalytic perspective will fit you if you believe that dreams do have meanings and reflect human subconsciousness. In this case, your research paper on dreams will be based on the works of Freud and Carl Jung.
Research papers on dreams: idea # 3
Various phenomena associated with dreaming will turn your paper into really captivating reading. You can focus on lucid dreams, sleep paralysis, nightmares, sleep walking and so on.
Research papers on dreams: idea # 4

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Research Papers on Agriculture: Picking the Right Topic
July 6th, 2009

research paper on agricultureWhat do we mean under the “right topic” for your research paper on agriculture? Actually, we mean something that you do understand. As far as we know, a few students are knowledgeable enough in all sorts of agricultural issues. That is why writing agriculture research papers might be quite challenging.
Yet, we are sure your teacher does not ask you to go deep into agricultural details. If you are not going to be a farmer, you may touch upon rather simple topics when writing your research paper on agriculture.
We are glad to present you several examples of how you can create a successful agriculture research paper.
Research papers on agriculture: example #1
Connect history and agriculture to make your paper strong and interesting to read. It can be something like “Effects of the Industrial Revolution on agriculture in Britain”. Or, you can simply make a general overview of agriculture in several well-developed countries. Tell about some common problems, tendencies, tools, and so on.
Research papers on agriculture: example # 2
Do not like history? Fine, your research paper on agriculture can be devoted to some present day issues. What about organic agriculture as the main idea of your project? Tell about some benefits and drawbacks of not using chemical fertilizers, growth hormones for animals, and genetically modified seeds.
Research papers on agriculture: example # 3
We also have a good suggestion for those who are into agriculture, have at least some background knowledge of the topic, and want to create really impressive research papers on agriculture.

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Research Papers on Real Estate: Top Ideas
June 16th, 2009

research paper on real estateAre you stuck with your research paper on real estate? You have no clue what to write about and where to start. Well, on the one hand, it is pretty clear. You just live in your house and have absolutely no experience in buying or selling property. You have heard about real estate agents but, actually, have never seen one.
On the other hand, real estate is something you have definitely discussed in class. So, take all the class notes and recollect everything learned. This is what your research paper on real estate should begin with.
After that, you should check your background knowledge and define what issues you will be able to cover in the research paper on real estate. Make sure you can define real estate precisely. Think what you know about some current issues and tendencies in this field.
By the way, it would be a good idea to find a real estate agent. Naturally, you do not need to sell or buy a new house. Yet, this person can really help you in writing your research paper on real estate. Make a list of questions you want to ask. Believe us, you will be able to include some exclusive information into your research paper on real estate based on the answers of the agent.
Now, let us briefly discuss some ideas that you can develop in the research paper on real estate. Depending on your background knowledge, you may choose from the following.
Research papers on real estate: idea #1
If you are not that confident of your knowledge, write about a career as a real estate agent. What is it about? What personal characteristics should a person possess to work successfully? What are some features of a good real estate agent?
Research papers on real estate: idea #2

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Writing an Ethics Paper: Make It Captivating
February 17th, 2009

sample ethics papersIt is not an easy assignment to write ethics papers. If you want to present a worthwhile ethics paper, you need to find a special and effective approach to completing the task, use interesting facts, and prove that your paper is worth attention.
If you study several sample ethics papers, you will notice that most of the students present information in the same way:

  • Strong thesis statements;
  • Brief but impressive introductions;
  • Supporting paragraphs;
  • Clear conclusions.

Do you not think that writing your ethics paper following this path might be rather boring? This is why we want to present you a unique way of writing your ethics paper. So, let us talk about several types of ethics papers.
Medical ethics papers
Start your medial ethics paper with this paragraph from the Hippocratic Oath:
“…In every house where I come I will enter only for the good of my patients, keeping myself far from all intentional ill-doing and all seduction and especially from the pleasures of love with women or with men, be they free or slaves…”
Do you agree that the major principles of ethics in Medicine are presented in this oath? Introduce your standpoint in the medical ethics paper.
Nursing ethics papers
When talking about everyday care provided to patients, we can say that ethics is the basis. Mostly, this concerns nursing. What do you know about the “ethics code” for nurses? You can include real life examples in your nursing ethics paper to make it sound more persuasive and captivating.

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Down Syndrome Research Papers: What to Write about
February 6th, 2009

Down syndrome research papersDo you know that Down syndrome happens before conception? In other words, you cannot “catch” Down syndrome somehow. This syndrome is caused by an extra copy of Chromosome 21.
What other interesting facts about Down syndrome do you know? You can present them in Down syndrome research papers. Do you need more ideas to introduce in your Down syndrome research paper? Then, this article can be helpful.
John Langdon Down in your Down syndrome research paper
This person was the first to describe this syndrome in 1866. Write about the conditions under which the British doctor discovered Down syndrome. Pay attention to his work “Observations on the Ethnic Classification of Idiots” while writing Down syndrome research papers.
Genetic variations that cause this syndrome in your Down syndrome research paper
Down syndrome is not a disease! Do you know why? Give your explanations in the Down syndrome research paper. Tell about the causes. Write about the extra chromosome 21 and its effect on a human.
Do you know that the cases of Down syndrome rise with the increase of maternal aging? What do scientists think about it? Present several positions in your Down syndrome research paper.
Here are several pieces of advice on how to improve Down syndrome research papers:

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Examples of Action Research Papers
January 16th, 2009

sample of action research paperSample action research papers are a good idea for those who cannot get the entire picture of writing from plain writing tips. And we can even understand why. It is hard to figure out how the title page of a research paper should look like without seeing a sample. This refers to many other parts of an assignment as well. This is why knowing how to use a sample of an action research paper properly, you can save yourself a lot of time and nerves.
Sample Action Research Papers. Beware:

  1. While using a sample action research paper, beware of the writing style. It becomes especially obvious in the List of References, Title Page, page numbers, and other details. Before using a certain sample of an action research paper, make sure the requirements as to the writing style match. If they do not, but you still want to use such sample, make sure you do not make mistakes.
  2. Depending on the level of study, your sample action research paper can be either bigger or smaller in size. This does not mean you have to follow blindly. Choose whatever is better for you.
  3. Sometimes, examples of action research papers match your topic approximately, but all in all have a different angle and, therefore, different sources. Before copying them into your List of References, make sure they are actually what you need

Sample Action Research Papers. Use:

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Waste Water Treatment Papers
December 29th, 2008

research papers on waste waterEvery year, tones of industrial waste are discharged into the atmosphere. In 2007, 54 tons of heavy metals and 3.7 tons of DEHP were discharged through the wastewater systems. This information and statistics are rather interesting and can be presented in research papers on waste water treatment. Such numbers explain why waste water treatment is a primarily important issue these days.
Do you want to know more facts about waste water and include them into your research paper on waste water treatment? Then read the information presented below:

  1. Experts assert that the total global volume of wastewater has increased since 1995 in 1,500 km3
  2. What does this fact tell us about? What are your predictions as for the possible effects of such wastewater impact? Tell about this in waste water treatment papers.

  3. Nowadays, only about 1/10 of wastewater treatment plants operate efficiently and reliably
  4. In waste water treatment papers, give your suggestions on how to motivate those who pollute water to think about wastewater treatment.

  5. There is a variety of problems associated with inadequate handling of waste water
  6. Of course, such generalities as “waste water is dangerous for fish, animals, and people” are not enough to write good waste water research papers. So, talk about the following problems in your research paper on waste water:

    • Increased costs caused by increased mortality and illnesses;
    • Higher tariffs on drinking and industrial water;
    • Low income from fisheries and aquaculture;
    • Poor water quality that leads to a lower income from tourism;
    • Loss of valuable biodiversity.

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Ideas for Technology Research Papers
December 23rd, 2008

technology research paperTo start writing is one of the most challenging tasks for those who have to prepare technology research papers. Someone lacks desire to start writing, others lack writing skills. However, lack of idea is probably the most distressing problem for the writers of technology research papers.
We are eager to help you by suggesting several possible ideas to consider in technology research papers.
The Impact of Technology on Production and Short-Run Curves
Nowadays, technology plays an important role in production. Any progress in technology makes production easier, quicker, and cheaper. We suggest you investigate the interrelation between technology and production in technology research papers. Insert graphs or schemes, if allowed, to illustrate this relation in technology research papers.
The Effect of Technology on Health
These days, technology is widely used in medicine. Technological devices help people recover from serious diseases and even survive. In technology research papers, analyze the products of different companies producing medical equipment. Which of them were recognized as the best medical devices? What companies are famous for the high quality of their products? Answer these questions in technology research papers.
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Information Technology

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