Book Summary: Giving the Gist of the Author’s Arguments
March 1st, 2012

book-summaryIt is rather difficult to imagine a student who never had to write a book summary. For many people, this type of assignment is quite boring because it does not leave much room for creativity, but it is a good exercise because in this way a person learns to identify and express the most essential ideas of a text.
Here are some suggestions that will help you with this assignment
Book Summary: What It Is and What It Is Not
First, one should take into account that a book summary is often confused with a book review. These assignments are very similar because, in both cases, a student has to convey the gist of a book. Moreover, in both cases, it might be necessary to summarize the plot of the novel or to briefly explain the ideas of the author. Yet, a book review is also aimed at evaluating a book and this is not typical of a summary.
In addition, students shouldn’t confuse a book summary with a book report. Certainly, a report also summarizes a book but it is much more schematic. For instance, if you have to write a report, you should specify the number of pages in the book, its date of publication, its genre, and so forth. These details are not usually necessary for a summary.
Book Summary: Step-by-Step Guide
To write a good summary of books, articles, or short stories, you should take the following steps:

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Sociology Paper Topics: Develop a Creative Approach to Writing!
February 23rd, 2012

sociology-paper-topicsSociology Paper Topics: Impeccable Topic Checking System.
Choosing a sociology paper topic is quite hard. When assigned with this task, most students ask, “How do I create topics for sociology paper?” However, with tips and reasonable advice from experts in writing, you’ll be able to get wonderful ideas on paper topics!
Sociology Paper Topics: Differentiating Between Kinds of Papers.
When dealing with topics for a sociology paper, remember that different essays and papers mean different approaches. Keep your eye on the paper you deal with and its specifics!
Sociology Paper Topics: Assistance with Essay Paper Writing.
Writing essay papers? Let’s see what kind of essay topics you can come across – and which ones are the winners.

  1. Domestic Violence and Means to Fight It;
  2. Social Inequality and Measures to Undertake;
  3. Feminism: Changes over the Past Decade;
  4. Euthanasia: a Matter of Life and Death.

Much like a dissertation topic an essay title can be pretty broad, allowing a large choice of approaches to the issue

Sociology Paper Topics: Introducing Original Term Paper Ideas.

When working on your term paper topic, you can dig a bit deeper. In this case, your key concern is to introduce an unusual vision of the problem. Take a look at these ideas:

  • Flag Burning: the Reasons and the Reasoning;
  • Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized?
  • Gun Ownership: from Protection to Overprotection;
  • Human Cloning: Experiments Going Too Far;
  • Efficiency of School Testing: from A to… F.

Pick topics of the kind above – and you will definitely succeed in your paper writing!
Sociology Paper Topics: Discussing Research Writing Specifics.
Remember that research involves certain discoveries – or, at least, new ideas and unusual solutions. Try to express your original approach in the title:

  • Marriage Conflicts and Solutions: Apart from Divorcing…
  • Prevent Child Violence: Something You Can Do;
  • Child Labor: What Must not Be Happening;
  • Poverty vs. Indifference, Third World vs. G7.

See? That’s pretty simple – and yet so efficient!
Sociology Paper Topics: Tremendous, All-Embracing Thesis Topic.
As your paper gets tougher, the research topics narrow down to a certain problem or issue. As for the thesis, check these topical ideas:

  1. Arranged Marriage: an Acceptable Norm or Rudiment of the Past?
  2. Killing out of Mercy: Euthanasia;
  3. When Death Penalty Is a Narrow Escape;
  4. Drug Public Service Announcements and Their Efficiency;
  5. Capitalism versus Socialism: the Battle of the Century.

All in all, the whole thing is pretty easy. However, what about dissertations?
Sociology Paper Topics: Dissertations on Problems of Humankind.
In dissertations, you’ll have to touch upon quite controversial issues. For instance, you might create such topics of research as…

  • Terrorism, Bombs and Other Misconceptions about Muslim Religion;
  • Mass Media: Is Big Brother Watching You?
  • Legalized Prostitution Versus Social Morals;
  • The Power of Norms in the Modern Society;
  • Abortion as a Murder and as a Women’s Right.

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Research Paper: How to Navigate Today’s Sea of Information
February 16th, 2012

research-paperIt’s no surprise that students depend on the internet when writing a paper. Research could be more efficient if students understood basic search strategies. You can find sources swiftly if you acquire a basic understanding of search engine algorithms. The following tips will demystify the process and save you time and effort.
Research Paper: Analyzing the Topic
To locate relevant information on the web fast, you need to pay close attention to the topic of your research paper. Here are some strategies:

  1. Identify the main questions that you can relate to your topic;
  2. List all the possible keywords suggested by these questions, to type into the search engine. Keep them short; no longer than three or four words;
  3. Place your key phrase in quotation marks to obtain perfect only matches.
  4. Boolean operators such as And (+), or Not (-) are also useful. Functioning just as they did when you studied Venn diagrams, they help you include or exclude search results just as you wish.
  5. Vary the word order and try synonyms in order to dig up all possible matches.
  6. Check out the following pages of your searches.

Evaluating Sources for Your Research Paper
Whatever research paper topics you choose, you need a wide choice of sources Consider the following when searching the web:

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Art Term Paper Ideas Designed to Stimulate your Creativity
February 1st, 2012

Term papers for art must demonstrate the student’s ability to analyze a work of art and locate it in its appropriate theoretical and historical context. Therefore, art term papers need to demonstrate both analytical skills and creativity.
Art term papers can also have an anthropological function when speaking about ancient art forms from Greece, Rome, or Egypt, the Incas, the Aztecs, or Mesopotamian art. If you are preparing to write a term paper for art, consider the following list of ideas to get you started on the writing process:
Write an art term paper about the social and political role of sculptors in ancient Rome. Use examples of Roman emperors who included political messages to the citizens of Rome in the portrait sculptures created in their likenesses. How was the artist a function of the state?
Write an art term paper about some of the most well-known combination of illustrators and authors in children’s books, including Robert Louis Stevenson’s A Child’s Garden of Verses and Jessie Wilcox Smith, and discuss the importance of illustration as an art form.
Write an art research paper about the fusion of sound and art, beginning with earlier artists such as Yoko Ono and Alvin Lucier and ending with more recent works from Susan Philipsz and Janet Cardiff. Explain how this form of art has struggled to gain acceptance from critics and audiences alike and discuss how Philipsz’ 2010 Turner Prize has conferred credibility to the genre.
Write an art research paper about the history of the family portrait. Include famous family portraits such as Goya’s Family of Carlos IV, Ruben’s portrait of his own family, Jan Van Eyck’s the Arnolfini Portrait, and Titian’s Portrait of the Vendramin Family.

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Term Papers on Management Allow You to Display Your Expertise
January 18th, 2012

Term papers on management are your chance to show off your executive potential. You have an opportunity to apply the ideas that you have learned to a real world situation in your term paper on management. While this is a challenging task, it can also be exciting and even give you some exposure to companies that might interest you for employment at some point. If you play your cards right, you might even get to speak with someone with hiring power.
The specialty of your management course will shape your assignment, of course. You won’t write about human resources for an operations management class! However, you can emphasize issues that interest you, no matter the course.
Take the two large sub-disciplines of Human Resources and Operations Management, as examples. You can focus on companies, problems and techniques to keep things exciting. As with any paper, your passion about your subject, either because you like it or because it offends your executive sensibilities, will show in the quality of your research and writing.
Pick a problem that interests you for your term paper in management
Executive retention and motivation: what works best?

  • Pay
  • Company stock
  • Time off
  • Recognition
  • Autonomy

Pick a management technique that interests you, either a new one or a revisiting of one:

  1. In operations management, for example:
    • Just-in-time inventory management
    • Paperless office
  2. In human resources
    • Matrix management – discredited or confirmed as a valid technique?
    • Management by walking around – fad or solid technique?

Pick a company that interests you for some notable management idiosyncrasy, e.g. Apple and Microsoft – does making the workplace more appealing than most employees’ homes increase productivity? American Airlines – could disaster be averted through engagement with their union?
Scour business periodicals for good ideas for term papers on management: Wall Street Journal, Economist, Financial Times.

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Philosophy Term Papers Demand Rigorous Thought: Good Topics Help
January 5th, 2012

Philosophy term papers are among the most daunting sorts of assignments for students. This is a problem inherent in their very nature. However, a prudent choice of topics can make the challenge a bit less overwhelming. We will discuss some options for reducing the brain strain involved in creating a successful philosophy term paper.
Your philosophy term paper needs to address the assignment
The instructor may have very specific aims in framing the prompt or question, which you need to be sure you have met. The first task, therefore is decoding the assignment. You should go over the instructions with the teacher in detail, making sure that you are clear on every aspect of it. Most professors appreciate this sort of proactive follow-up by students.
We will assume here that you have free rein in your selection of topic
With clarified instructions in hand, there are literally infinite directions you could take. As one strategy for narrowing your field, you could choose whether to focus on:

  • An individual philosopher,
  • The influence of one philosopher on other thinkers
  • One particular issue addressed by multiple philosophers
  • The application of a philosophical idea to a specific (perhaps contemporary) situation

In examining a single philosopher, be sure to carve out a manageably small issue.

  • Aristotle’s notion of “virtue ethics” – choose one aspect
  • Plato’s idea of essential similarity between women and men
  • Adam Smith’s idea of self-interest

In connecting one thinker with another, trace known influences

  • Pyrrho’s proposition that, “No one knows anything” and its impact on David Hume
  • The influence of Aristotle’s “unmoved mover”, asserted in Metaphysics XII and his Physics VII on later monotheistic religions
  • Adam Smith’s notion of the survival of desirable corporate characteristics on Charles Darwin’s notion of the survival of an organism’s lineage

Compare two thinkers’ view of one (relatively) small definable idea

  • Aristotle (Politics) versus Plato (the Republic) on: democracy, women and men’s essential similarity/difference
  • Epicurus’ reassuring view of death
  • John Stuart Mill and Thomas Hobbes on the role of rulers

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Law Dissertations: A List of Ideas for Original Research
December 21st, 2011

Getting down to law dissertations, you must consider what a dissertation is and which rules it follows. For quick notification, a law dissertation, like any other one, is a type of writing which is properly structured (the abstract or the executive summary, the introduction, the background, the literature review, the research methodology, the findings/results, the discussion section, the conclusion and the recommendations for further research, and the appendices).
Each law dissertation should contain an original research. Choose the topic for your dissertation first. Here are a number of law dissertation topics students may use while writing.
Law dissertation topic

  • Choose the sphere of criminal law and conduct a research on one of its articles. Home violence, the problem of rape identification in some cases, terrorism and other points may be the core ideas for writing in students’ law dissertations.
  • Medical ethics, medical errors, patients’ refusal to take up medicine and other issues in medical law may be considered. Patients with mental health problems may be considered. Is it the reason for concern in medical ethics?
  • Employment law may be the central point for students’ discussion in law dissertations. Why not? There are great many of cases that deal with the problem. Take one of the cases under consideration for now and try to predict the judgment.
  • Law dissertations can be devoted to family cases. Marriage settlement remains the stumbling block for most couples. Try to dwell upon it and point out the main problems it depicts.

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Human Rights Essays: Valuable Guidelines and Tips for Students
December 15th, 2011

What are Human rights essays? These essays are papers about human rights and its related issues. This type of essay aims at developing a sort of consciousness regarding human rights. Sample essays can be of valuable help for students to write such essays.
Writing effective Human rights essays lie with the content and presentation of the essay. Students can give a glimpse to the following tip and suggestions in order to write Human rights essays that are up to the mark.
Human rights essays: Useful suggestions for students
When writing human rights essay, a student can give importance to some useful suggestions and tips that are given in this article as well as that given in other related websites. The essay should illustrate the motive and importance of creating awareness about human rights. The essay can also speak about certain issues or problems that are faced by people when neglecting human rights.
Human rights essays: Useful tips and ideas
Students can peep through the following great tips to produce effective human rights essays:

  • It is advisable to use online essays to get some idea related to the human right under consideration as well as to get a clear picture of how to present such essays.
  • It is better to provide the latest rules regarding human rights under discussion.
  • It is crucial to produce only unique and exceptional essays.

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History Research Paper: Guidelines and Tips for Students
December 7th, 2011

What is a history research paper? How should a student pick a topic for it? What are the specific features of history research papers? Many students get stuck at these questions. History research paper means not just providing information about some historical event. It means deep, detailed, and profound study of the topic and providing personal findings.
So, how should a student start writing his/her history research paper? Find this out reading the following guidelines.
Identifying history research paper topic
First and foremost, a student should decide on the topic of the history research paper. If he/she has no idea what to research, it is advisable to choose some general area of historical period. Then, a student should narrow the topic to some historical event or person. But, how should a student understand that this or that topic is perfect for him? One should consider the following questions:

  • What is the focus of the topic?
  • Is it some battle or war?
  • Is it ancient history or modern?
  • Would it be comparison study?
  • Does the topic concentrate on some social changes or revolutions?
  • Does the topic require research on biography?
  • Is politics involved?

Thus, history research paper may concern various aspects and anyone can find interesting topic among the available variety.
Researching and writing history research paper
Conducting a survey on the history research paper topic, a student should follow this guide:

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Good Essay Writing Will Never Be a Problem for You as from Now!
November 30th, 2011

Is good essay writing your main purpose right now? Do you want to know more about how to develop good essay writing? Do you want to excel in good essay writing? Well, this article is what you actually need! A number of simple but still reliable rules are offered in a clear way to help you. Just believe that you can do it and rely on the ideas provided as well as on your background knowledge.
What is good essay writing all about?
When you want to introduce good essay writing, you have to understand that each part of your work should be prepared on a good level. Pay attention to the following aspects of good essay writing:

  1. Clear topic;
  2. Structure;
  3. Strong statements;
  4. References;
  5. Examples and explanations.

Ideas on how to develop good essay writing

  • Start your good essay writing with an interesting detail, an anecdote (if it is allowed), a quotation, or some statistical data;
  • Think about the transitions between sentences and paragraphs;
  • Do not forget to provide evidence to each point so that the reader can believe in what you are writing;
  • Mind that your work has to be grammatically correct, try to avoid spelling, punctuation, or vocabulary mistakes;
  • Define the main purpose of your work and take any possible step to achieve it;
  • Rely on the instructions for the chosen citation style in case you use quotes.

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